I was born and raised in Michigan and there are many things about Michigan that I absolutely love. However, after 45 years it was time for a change. My husband and I moved to Boise, Idaho and it is a decision we have never regretted. Although, we miss our family, and friends, this is a wonderful place to live! Now if we could convince our families, especially my 3 bonus-children, to move here it would be perfect. But until then, the two of us along with our 4 tuxedo cats and our Shepherd/Chow/Lab mix, Bella, are very happy. I do have one complaint though. Boise does not have any Italian markets/bakeries. And to an Italian-American this is a big problem.

We have developed some very wonderful friendships here and love all that Idaho has to offer. But, by far, the best thing about being here is that I found my inspiration to write. I have always loved to read and write, but to write a novel was only a dream in my head. Well, I decided to go after that dream and I am happy to say I just finished my first novel. It is not published, YET, but until then I am busy working on my second. I also have 3 more, renting space in my head until I am ready to take them out of my head and put them on paper. Ahhhh…it is wonderful to never be alone!

Well that is a little about me and I look forward to the chance to make some new friendships through this wondrous thing called blogging.



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