Change Can Be Scary…But Oh So Worth It!

Change can be a very scary word. In fact, the top stresses in life involve change. Death of a spouse, divorce/separation, changing jobs, etc. all involve a change in our life. And the older we get, the harder it becomes. But isn’t that what life is all about…change? On any given day, we look around and see change happening all around us. Unfortunately, the negative changes going on in the world have not been good. But that is one thing I vow to not do with this blog is make it negative. The side of change I want to talk about is the positive side of it.

Exciting, eye-opening, revitalizing, learning experience. Those are some of the words you can use to describe change if you have the right attitude about it. And let’s face it, change is inevitable…daily. One of the reasons I chose this topic is because if I had not been open to change, I would not be here typing on this blog I created. I would not have written my first book and now working on my second. I would not be living in Idaho. I could go on and on about this subject.

When we decided to move, almost six years ago, from a suburb of Detroit, that was the biggest change that I have ever experienced, aside from the death of my mom. But both my husband and I were unemployed and the job market in Michigan was not good. So after researching several states, we spent a week in Idaho and fell in love! As soon as we returned to Michigan, we called the movers, packed, and we were back within two weeks. The hardest part of our move was leaving family. But as I mentioned, so much of my life that I now love might never have happened. We have met some of the most incredible people here. And when you move to a place that is so different it is hard to not occasionally feel like you are on vacation. Even after almost six years, I still have to pinch myself when I look up at the mountains. Something a girl from a flat state only saw when traveling or on television.

Another reason this has been on my mind is because two of my nephews, Kory and Kristopher, recently chose to follow their dreams. Kris graduated from film school, in Michigan, and decided to move to California. Kory, who acted in high school, went along and has been an extra in several television shows. I know how hard their move has been on my sister and brother-in-law, but I am so proud of those boys! Kristopher had a dream and he wasn’t going to let change keep him from going for it. Some changes you cannot avoidChange…it will happen. It is how we decide to handle it that will either make or break us. And if we are not open to change, there is so much we could miss. It is a big world out there, filled with opportunities we never dreamed of. You can either decide to just exist in your life or live your life to its fullest. No dream can ever be achieved if you are not willing to put yourself out there and accept the changes necessary for greatness.

So are you one that fears change…or do you embrace it?


2 thoughts on “Change Can Be Scary…But Oh So Worth It!

  1. Jodi,

    Fear can be a great motivator! Although it seems the older I get, the less afraid I am. I just know that everything happens for a reason. I also believe strongly that I give into fear, the things to fear will show up.

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